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Why Steel?

Every piece of equipment used for either storage, transportation, fermentation, cooking in the food Industry is made of food grade steel (304). Why? Simply because it's the safest. It doesn't react to chemicals, or spoil, it doesn't alter the composition of food, has no negative impact on health.

Why Straws?

This seemed like a simple place to start. Straws seem harmless, but account for a majority share in single-use waste generated across the world. Many countries have had the good sense to ban plastic, but people can shift to alternatives only if there are accessible and practical solutions.

That's been our aim from the start, which is why the cleaning machine is at the centre of this project.

Why not Paper/Bamboo?

Paper melts. 

You may not need a second reason but here it is, Trees!

Being bio-degradable does not make Paper and bamboo "eco-friendly".

The bio which is degradable is sourced from trees, which are too precious to be sucked on in a milkshake.

A zoomed in image of the insides of a steel straw, and the escalator which carries liquids to human mouths

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