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When you're eating say, an apple, how often are you watching this apple; the texture, colour, change in colour as you eat it? Do you notice the smell or pay attention to the subtle tastes?  



These tiny acts of meditation are everything.

But this is best left for practical understanding, not metaphysical banter.

There are a so many ways to practice and try - watch your breath as you do things, look a bit longer at things around you - a leaf, a donut, a cat or your friend - and just look without reacting to any thought you might feel about this.

You might find your mind resisting, no worries, this is new, just takes some time.


'Choos' Wisely is our attempt at enabling conscious consumption but no, using a steel straw doesn't make you Zen, it just helps keep the planet around longer, so that you have more time to try.

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